The most modern vault in Sofia was equipped with biometric access control system by BIODIT

The most modern vault in Sofia was equipped with a biometric access control system by the Bulgarian company BIODIT, making it one of the safest and secured places where its clients can store their belongings knowing that they are protected. BIODIT’s systems provide the highest level of security, leaving behind the standard chips and RFID cards that can be lost, stolen or forged. All that’s necessary is the physical presence of the user.

BIODIT provides one of the most modern technologies to protect and control access by identification and authentication through fingerprints.

The biometric sensor identifies between 70-80 unique points, for each point through a mathematical algorithm creates a vector in three dimensions – width, depth and length. The information is processed in one-way hex code which cannot be reproduced or copied, nor allows generating a model of the fingerprint. The BIODIT’s team of highly qualified specialists creates unique products using the best materials and technologies for their manufacture.

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