BIODIT received reference from Allianz Bulgaria

The management of the insurance company Allianz Bulgaria handed a reference to BIODIT as a sign of gratitude. The reference was handed for the excellent results and shown qualities in the joint work between both companies in the field of prevention of vehicle theft.

This is happening after few months from the start of their collaboration. The Bulgarian developer BIODIT provides the best protection for the customers of the insurance company by installing biometric system CarSec in their vehicles. This innovative product was launched in 2014 as a device specially designed for vehicle safety and has no analog on the Bulgarian market. The automobile is protected by interlocks, which does not allow the ignition of the engine without placing fingerprint of the authorized person.

BIODIT’s technology makes it possible to keep one master fingerprint plus nine users fingerprints. For ensuring maximum protection of the automobile, changes in the system can be made only by the main user. This is the difference from the commonly used devices – keyboards or computers through which there is a high possibility of manipulation by third parties. For greater convenience the system has a Service Mode function, allowing driving without requiring fingerprint if necessary (for car service, carwash, etc.). This mode can be activated and deactivate only by the master user. The system is energy independent – while the vehicle is not working CarSec enters Standby regime and does not charge the vehicle battery.

More product information can be found at the following address: CarSec

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