BIODIT is the first company to receive a government grant under voucher scheme for listing on the BSE

BIODIT is officially the first Bulgarian company to receive a government grant under the voucher scheme to support SMEs for listing on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. The voucher amounts to 50 000 Levs covering expenses on the IPO preparation.

The CEO of BIODIT Julian Sofroniev received the voucher from Dr. Boyko Takov, Executive Director of Bulgarian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA).

“In Bulgaria we usually criticize the Government, but today we can only hold in high regard this successful initiative of the Ministry of Economy and BSMEPA. I hope that we will witness other initiatives in help of the small and medium business in Bulgaria soon,” says Julian Sofroniev.

“The approval procedure is really fast. It took within two weeks for the first beneficiary BIODIT,” said Dr. Boyko Takov, executive director of the agency.

BIODIT is not only the first beneficiary of the BSMEPA program but also the first Bulgarian startup to be listed on BSE. Currently the company is waiting for approval of the prospectus by the Financial Supervision Commission.

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BIODIT grabbed the attention of Host Expo‘s visitors

The Bulgarian hi-tech company took part in the Host Expo 2019 forum, held in the resort Golden Sands. Visitors’ attention was attracted by the unique wireless access biometric access control system O’Lock®WBLS.

BIODIT’s biometric systems have been successfully inplemented in hotels around the world, and the company expects this to happen soon in the Bulgarian hotels. O’Lock®WBLS provides the highest security for both guests and staff. As the need for keys and maps is dropped, hotels report increasing customer satisfaction as well as lowering in costs.

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BIODIT one step closer to initial public offering on BSE

BIODIT is on its way to become the first startup that went public. The company submitted IPO prospectus in the Financial Supervision Commission on 26th February 2019 г. The IPO is supported by Karoll investment intermediary.

“BIODIT will be a benchmark for the stock exchange in Bulgaria. I am glad that our listing on BSE inspired other companies to take steps towards public offering. I believe that the decision we made is the beginning of the change of BSE, which all Bulgarian investors expect for more than 10 years. We have the desire and the technological readiness to fulfill our obligations as a public company and to provide the highest level of transparency for our investors”, says BIODIT CEO Julian Sofroniev.

BIODIT is also the first company to benefit from the grant on the initiative of the Bulgarian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Promotion Agency.

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Julian Sofroniev, BIODIT CEO: The Bulgarian companies are not aware of the advantages of BSE-Sofia

Bulgaria is probably the only country in the EU with a 0% capital tax. My observations are that the management of most Bulgarian companies is not aware of the advantages of the public offering in Bulgaria, says BIODIT Executive Director Julian Sofroniev. He spoke about the challenges on the path from private to public company in front of representatives from more than 20 dynamically developing companies, investors, pension funders, lawyers and bankers. The workshop-discussion was the first such event organized by BSE-Sofia on initiative of BIODIT with the active cooperation of one of the leading investment intermediaries – Karoll Financial Group.

There are many companies like BIODIT that are developing dynamically from startup to scale up phase but need access to markets and capital to grow, pointed out Sofroniev. That is how he came to the idea of ​​such a meeting. In Bulgaria and Eastern Europe the big investors and big markets like the United States are missing. We do not have smart money and we cannot follow the path of the Valley companies, but we can follow our own path. The public offering here gives flexibility and can provide the capital needed for companies to continue their grow, says the BIODIT CEO.

According to him, the stock market allows investors who till this moment did not have the tools to invest in a company, to do so and to have equal rights with the big investors and ventures. Sofroniev says the process of filling stocks on BSE-Sofia is not complicated despite the delay caused by problems in the Commercial Register this year. Among the advantages of this step, Sofroniev emphasized on: the capital gains tax exemption and the low rate of 5% dividend tax. BIODIT is expected to be the first company to take advantage of the voucher program to support SMEs listing on the stock market. The BSE has also highlighted the forthcoming start of the stock market growth, which allows the raising up to EUR 1 million without a prospectus.


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Biodit is the newest member of Bulgarian Industrial Association

BIODIT was accepted as a member of the Bulgarian Industrial Association during the meeting of the Managing Board on 24 October. The company is one of the seven newly elected members of various sectors of the economy, employing a total of over 15,000 people.

As a company that is operating in Bulgaria, it is important for us to participate and support the development of the business environment as well as the dialogue between the business and the state. The membership in BIA is an opportunity for us to be more active in these spheres, says BIODIT CEO Julian Sofroniev.

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Biodit started a partnership with A1 Bulgaria

The Tech Startup Biodit signed partnership agreement with one of the largest telecommunications companies A1 Bulgaria, part of A1 group. The cooperation is in the field of access control and time attendance. The telecom will offer its customers the biometric solutions of Biodit.

“Our partnership with A1 Bulgaria comes at a key moment – its recent rebranding and expansion of the telecom business in Bulgaria. We are glad to be able to cooperate and our biometric access control systems will be part of the new type of services offered by A1 to end users in our country”, says Biodit CEO Julian Sofroniev.

Biodit’s biometric systems tests at A1 buildings began earlier this year and ended successfully with signing a cooperation agreement between the two companies.

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Biodit installs access control systems at Costa Mar Hotel

The latest generation of access control systems were installed in the Spanish Costa Mar Hotel. Thanks to Biodit‘s biometric technologies, the hotel guests will enjoy the comfort and convenience of unlocking their rooms only with their finger. Registration at the reception lasts a few seconds, which eliminates the annoying carrying of keys and cards.

The systems are energy-efficient and save extra costs from lost and damaged chips and cards as the old system used to work.

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BIODIT equipped Hospital Kanev – Ruse with innovative systems for access control and time attendance

One of the most modern hospitals in Bulgaria UMHAL Kanev Rousse is now equipped with biometric access control and time attendance systems by Biodit.

Access to the various premises is through fingerprint identification, so only authorized people can enter and exit. To calculate fair wages, software is integrated into the system – it automatically records data and calculates the work time.

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BIODIT with biometric solution Petrov Technology EOOD

BIODIT installs access control and time attendance systems in Petrov Technology’s building. The manufactures produce machine parts and machines for light and heavy industry.

“We process about 140 tons of metal every month, we have more than 25 modern machining machines and we export to companies like Bosch Rexroth. That’s why it’s very important to know who goes in and out of our production buildings”, representative from the company said.

The BIODIT access control and time attendance system allows authorized employees to enter the building and the various rooms in seconds with innovative fingerprint recognition.

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AB-THERM was equipped with an innovative system by BIODIT

Biodit installed a biometric access control solution in the building of AB-Therm – the manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment.

Thanks to the system, employees do not need to carry keys and cards, all they need is a finger. The fingerprint recognition technology also prevents unauthorized access to the premises.

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Gradus EOOD already see the benefits of Biodit’s innovative access control solutions

The building of the largest producer of poultry meat in Bulgaria “Gradus” EOOD is now equipped with biometric access control systems by Biodit.

In the food industry control is a core part of the final quality of the products. “It was important for our clients to have easy, fast and secure access. At the same time, they needed strict access control to the production premises.”

Biodit biometric systems allow real-time access control management, as well as integration of time attendance system.

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BIODIT equipped “Intercom” Wagon Plant with a biometric access control system

The employees of “Wagon Plant Intercom” JSC now enjoy easy and fast work entry through a biometric system from BIODIT. The company, which has modernized and produced over 3000 wagons for the Balkans and Europe, has trusted Biodit’s innovative equipment.

The system allows authorized access to the various premises through a fingerprint recognition. It is easy to install in all kind of buildings.

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BIODIT’s biometric systems support the business development of Roadhouse Grill

BIODIT products can be beneficial for various types of businesses. Our innovative technologies perfectly fit the interior design of Roadhouse Grill.

The Italian steakhouse chain of restaurants opened for the first time in Bulgaria in 2015 and due to the dynamic development of the business higher security measures and reporting of staff working hours is now required. The use of biometrics greatly facilitates these processes because it combines three major factors – speed, convenience and complete protection of personal data. For best efficiency, BIODIT devices provide all that and high-end technology with easy installation in Roadhouse Grill.

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BIODIT’s biometric solutions are already in use in the industrial zone of SOL Bulgaria

BIODIT is now working with SOL Bulgaria EAD – Bulgarian producer and distributor of industrial gas. For cost optimization and time control, the company’s industrial area uses biometric access control and work time systems.

SOL Bulgaria EAD offers technical gases that find different applications in the metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical industries, food processing, welding, cutting and others. The enterprise has a very large number of employees, so far the familiar cards and chips for access control and working time make work harder. For staff facilitation and accounting, SOL Bulgaria EAD uses Biodit biometric device Conik®Access Wall.

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BIODIT installs a biometric access control system at NET1’s offices

BIODIT‘s biometric system for access control and time attendance was installed in the ISP NET1 offices. The devices work with the most advanced fingerprint identification technology and they are designed to provide maximum protection against unauthorized access to the premises. A particularly important condition for the ISP.

BIODIT devices can easily be implemented not only in newly built but also in completed buildings. The systems also allow reporting and linking job reports to calculating Program to avoid the possibility of human error. All biometric devices connect to Biodit Management Software, allowing management and monitoring, regardless of location.

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Biometric Access Control System was built in the United Milk Company Head Office

BIODIT installs an innovative system in the United Milk Company, a leading manufacturer of dairy products such as the Vereia brand. Biometric devices provide fast access through correct fingerprint identification Centralized real-time software controls the workflow and accurately records the working time.

BIODIT solutions offer maximum convenience as users do not need to carry cards or keys. The devices allow the investment to be recovered for a period from 8 months to 2 years, depending on the card system they are replacing. The company’s systems also allow the electricity consumption to be reduced by 30%.

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BIODIT brings in biometric systems at the appliances plant “Mekalit Bulgaria”

The manufacturer of details for white goods Mecalit Bulgaria EOOD is using BIODIT biometric devices in its factory near Plovdiv. Thanks to the Conik®Access Wall system, high workplace security is guaranteed and the administrative burden is reduced.

The German company started its business in 1984 on the basis of a patented technology for plastic molding in the household appliances industry and later restructured as a plastic processor. 
Over the years, Mecalit Bulgaria EOOD has been developing new techniques such as the use of glass planks for refrigerators and the production of countertops with ultrasonically welded panels, so today it can combine several materials in one detail.

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Dimitar Madjarov joined the BIODIT community

Dimitar Madzharov production plant now operates with the latest biometric systems of BIODIT. One of the largest producers of dairy and meat goods in Bulgaria has bet on high-tech access control and time attendance systems.

“The cost of standard chips and cards may look insignificant to small businesses, but in big production company with more than 300 employees, things seems diffrent. Moreover, real-time control and monitoring are extremely important when it comes to the food industry and our systems guarantee this. We are thankful for the trust of our client,” said BIODIT CEO Julian Sofroniev.

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