About Us

BIODIT is a leading high-technological company, specialized in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art biometric systems for access control, security and time attendance.

Our systems consist of innovative devices, combining the newest technologies for identification and recognition of identities via fingerprints. Due to the specifics of the technology, nobody can transfer, copy, or steal fingerprints, making our systems the most reliable on the market. The fingerprint sensors are FBI approved and used in over 60 countries.

BIODIT offers maximum convenience and ease of use, as users do not have to carry any cards or keys or to remember passwords. Thus, they have access to manufacturing sites, hotel rooms, offices, business buildings, hospitals, conference halls, fitness centers, parking lots, vehicles etc.


To deliver the world’s most reliable security access solutions through innovation and cutting-edge technology.


To develop a state-of-the-art innovative biometric security access, identification and verification system that helps companies build a safe and efficient business.


We are committed to make our products environmentally friendly, by decreasing the use of plastic access cards. Additionally, our Biodit Energy® line reduces energy consumption via smart operation of the electrical network.