AB-THERM was equipped with an innovative system by BIODIT

Biodit installed a biometric access control solution in the building of AB-Therm – the manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment.

Thanks to the system, employees do not need to carry keys and cards, all they need is a finger. The fingerprint recognition technology also prevents unauthorized access to the premises.

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Gradus EOOD already see the benefits of Biodit’s innovative access control solutions

The building of the largest producer of poultry meat in Bulgaria “Gradus” EOOD is now equipped with biometric access control systems by Biodit.

In the food industry control is a core part of the final quality of the products. “It was important for our clients to have easy, fast and secure access. At the same time, they needed strict access control to the production premises.”

Biodit biometric systems allow real-time access control management, as well as integration of time attendance system.

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BIODIT equipped “Intercom” Wagon Plant with a biometric access control system

The employees of “Wagon Plant Intercom” JSC now enjoy easy and fast work entry through a biometric system from BIODIT. The company, which has modernized and produced over 3000 wagons for the Balkans and Europe, has trusted Biodit’s innovative equipment.

The system allows authorized access to the various premises through a fingerprint recognition. It is easy to install in all kind of buildings.

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BIODIT’s biometric systems support the business development of Roadhouse Grill

BIODIT products can be beneficial for various types of businesses. Our innovative technologies perfectly fit the interior design of Roadhouse Grill.

The Italian steakhouse chain of restaurants opened for the first time in Bulgaria in 2015 and due to the dynamic development of the business higher security measures and reporting of staff working hours is now required. The use of biometrics greatly facilitates these processes because it combines three major factors – speed, convenience and complete protection of personal data. For best efficiency, BIODIT devices provide all that and high-end technology with easy installation in Roadhouse Grill.

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BIODIT’s biometric solutions are already in use in the industrial zone of SOL Bulgaria

BIODIT is now working with SOL Bulgaria EAD – Bulgarian producer and distributor of industrial gas. For cost optimization and time control, the company’s industrial area uses biometric access control and work time systems.

SOL Bulgaria EAD offers technical gases that find different applications in the metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical industries, food processing, welding, cutting and others. The enterprise has a very large number of employees, so far the familiar cards and chips for access control and working time make work harder. For staff facilitation and accounting, SOL Bulgaria EAD uses Biodit biometric device Conik®Access Wall.

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BIODIT installs a biometric access control system at NET1’s offices

BIODIT‘s biometric system for access control and time attendance was installed in the ISP NET1 offices. The devices work with the most advanced fingerprint identification technology and they are designed to provide maximum protection against unauthorized access to the premises. A particularly important condition for the ISP.

BIODIT devices can easily be implemented not only in newly built but also in completed buildings. The systems also allow reporting and linking job reports to calculating Program to avoid the possibility of human error. All biometric devices connect to Biodit Management Software, allowing management and monitoring, regardless of location.

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Biometric Access Control System was built in the United Milk Company Head Office

BIODIT installs an innovative system in the United Milk Company, a leading manufacturer of dairy products such as the Vereia brand. Biometric devices provide fast access through correct fingerprint identification Centralized real-time software controls the workflow and accurately records the working time.

BIODIT solutions offer maximum convenience as users do not need to carry cards or keys. The devices allow the investment to be recovered for a period from 8 months to 2 years, depending on the card system they are replacing. The company’s systems also allow the electricity consumption to be reduced by 30%.

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BIODIT brings in biometric systems at the appliances plant “Mekalit Bulgaria”

The manufacturer of details for white goods Mecalit Bulgaria EOOD is using BIODIT biometric devices in its factory near Plovdiv. Thanks to the Conik®Access Wall system, high workplace security is guaranteed and the administrative burden is reduced.

The German company started its business in 1984 on the basis of a patented technology for plastic molding in the household appliances industry and later restructured as a plastic processor. 
Over the years, Mecalit Bulgaria EOOD has been developing new techniques such as the use of glass planks for refrigerators and the production of countertops with ultrasonically welded panels, so today it can combine several materials in one detail.

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Dimitar Madjarov joined the BIODIT community

Dimitar Madzharov production plant now operates with the latest biometric systems of BIODIT. One of the largest producers of dairy and meat goods in Bulgaria has bet on high-tech access control and time attendance systems.

“The cost of standard chips and cards may look insignificant to small businesses, but in big production company with more than 300 employees, things seems diffrent. Moreover, real-time control and monitoring are extremely important when it comes to the food industry and our systems guarantee this. We are thankful for the trust of our client,” said BIODIT CEO Julian Sofroniev.

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More and more companies in Bulgaria trust biometric access control solutions

12 Bulgarian companies are already working with BIODIT’s biometric solutions. The innovative technology has been implemented in Flexxpress, ANSA Borima, Balkantex, Persenk Spa Hotel and Persenk Aqua Park, PG Bulgaria, ASTON-ZAIKOV, Karoll Financial Group, Garant A1, Magnetic Head TechnoLogis, Ezerets Hotel and Copa Hydrosystems.

Cost optimization, access control and time attendance are key business priorities of the buissness and the Bulgarian start-up BIODIT responds with high-tech solutions. Thanks to BIODIT’s innovative systems the companies‘ efficiency and consumer confidence are growing.

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Biodit Global Technology will present its latest technological innovations at IFSEC London

Biodit Global Technology will present its latest innovations in the field of biometric access control at the IFSEC International Exhibition in London, UK. Since the first 2010 award for WBLS® technology, the company has continued to develop and refine its systems to bring the future today.

“Following the recent tragic events in the UK, the IFSEC forum will be of great importance. The need for security systems grew enormously. This is why meeting the challenges of tomorrow has become our mission. We have developed not only a way of access control, but also solutions to a number of security issues. Our wireless technology allows precise access control and monitoring of different premises in real time. Therefore, CarSec responds to the growing need for controlled access to cars”, said Biodit Global Technology CEO Julian Sofroniev.

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Biodit Global Technology wins funding for Horizon 2020 for a revolutionary device against driving drunk

Biodit Global Technology is the first Bulgarian company to receive funding for its own project of the EU 2020 Horizon Innovation and Science Program in the Transport sector. The manufacturer of biometric security solutions received one of the highest ratings with its idea of ​​the PREVENT device, which prevents a drunk driver from starting a vehicle.

“We are delighted that our innovative invention has received European evaluation and funding, which is a great recognition for the team working on the project, and around 25% of all road deaths in Europe are related to alcohol consumption. Therefore, we at Biodit strive to provide an adequate solution to the problem of alcohol consumption and driving through the development and deployment of innovative engine locking device in the presence of alcohol in the driver, “said the executive director of Global Technology Biodit Julian Sofroniev. The system integrates two innovative technologies that have never been applied in a single device to this date – a non-invasive test to detect alcohol in the driver’s blood and biometric identification. The device is safe, hygienic and precise. It is compatible with all makes and models of existing vehicles and has an additional level of security to avoid tampering attempts.

The statistics in Europe are more than worrisome: in 2014 alone, 25,700 people have not returned to their homes and more than 200,000 people have been seriously injured in traffic accidents due to driving while intoxicated. The introduction of PREVENT in the mass market will be a turning point for the automobile industry in the fight to save lives by preventing driving after alcohol.

Currently, Biodit Global Technology is in Phase 1, during which the company will outline the strategy for the development and commercialization of the product.

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BIODIT starts selling its new product – CarSec in UK

The company signed 12 distribution contracts for BIODIT’s vehicle theft prevention device in UK at its introduction day on the market. Apart from sales activities these partners will perform installation services at their own network throughout the country. BIODIT is the first company which provides biometric anti-theft security system in the UK market.“CarSec provides a high tech solution for any vehicle.”

“CarSec provides a high tech solution for any vehicle. In the auto-showrooms in UK, where the product was presented, people were impressed by the design and the high-security level provided by the device. The system has a proven theft prevention rate of 100%. There is a big interest in the market and soon we should be able to announce the partners we shall be working with”, noted Vasil Dimchev, Regional sales manager.

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The company Databac presented BIODIT’s products during “Hostelco” exhibit

The company Databac which will distribute BIODIT’s systems in UK and Spain, presented the biometric products during “Hostelco” exhibit in Barcelona. They attracted big interest in the visitors of the event. The distributor noted that the elegant design of the devices would perfectly fit in hotels, clubs or works places which require higher security level. According to Databac, the easy installation of the devices is one of the additional advantages of BIODIT’s systems.

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Financial institutions increase their focus on biometrics aiming to safeguard more effectively the customers

Consumers across Europe are more and more interested in using biometrics when making payments. According to a new research from Visa, this is considered so especially when biometric methodologies that verify certain person’s identity are integrated with other security measures during payment procedures. Over two-thirds (68%) of the Europeans want to use biometrics as a method of payment authentication while buying goods or services in different situations. Nearly three-quarters (73%) see two-factor authentication, where one of the biometric methodologies is used in conjunction with a payment device, as a secure way to confirm an account holder.

When looking at the benefits of biometric authentication – the process that validates a person’s identity by measuring an intrinsic characteristic specific to an individual such as fingerprints or iris patterns – half of Europeans (51%) state that they believe it could create a faster and easier payment experience than traditional methods. Moreover, when taking into account only the perceived security of biometric technologies, 81% of consumers see fingerprints as the most secure. This is why 53% express a preference for fingerprint over other forms of biometric authentication when using it for payment.

BIODIT is proud to be a leading high-technology company specialized exactly in the development of such biometric systems that contribute to people’s safety. The company is developing and implementing the future biometric opportunities into the present. BIODIT’s products are based on fingerprint recognition. As an outcome from successful partnerships with various types of organizations the products have been already implemented in different projects around Europe. Regarding financial institutions – such an example is the most modern vault in Sofia which was recently equipped with systems elaborated and developed by BIODIT.

Furthermore, major financial institutions as the worldwide recognized Generali, Uniqa and Allianz cooperate and trust BIODIT while providing their customers with the highest level of security through the systems of the biometric company. They all have extremely high requirements in terms of security which BIODIT’s devices meet in every aspect. Controlling access regime to restricted areas is an important part of the security strategy.

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CarSec draw the attention of Jaguar Land Rover

The innovative biometric anti-theft solution for vehicles CarSec® drew the attention of Jaguar Land Rover’s representatives during the exhibition Security Essen 2016. The manager of Jaguar Land Rover Andrew Dixey was impressed by the effectiveness of CarSec®, which prevented 100% of attempted thefts of high-end cars equipped with the system. For the excellent results and undeniable qualities of the system, BIODIT got a reference from “MOTO-PFOHE” – the official distributor of Land Rover and Jaguar for Bulgaria.

“Mr. Dixey was impressed with the cutting-edge design and high quality of the device, as well as its convenience – the system can be installed in every car brand and model. CarSec is designed exclusively for automobile security and provides the highest level of protection. I am glad that we were able to introduce our portfolio to the representatives of the automotive giant,” said Vasil Dimchev, sales representative CEE.

BIODIT has signed partnership agreements with three of the leading insurance companies in Bulgaria and is currently negotiating the final details on another three agreements. The company recently equipped with CarSec® system Range Rover SVAutobiography – the most luxurious and powerful SUV that is into production.

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BIODIT as the one and only company with wireless biometric systems at Security Essen 2016

BIODIT proved that it is the pioneer in the wireless biometrics sector at the leading trade fair for security solutions at Security Essen 2016. BIODIT’s team held more than 200 meetings and made contact with potential customers and distributors from 33 countries. The unique in the market wireless biometric technology WBLS® triggered huge interest. Distributors noted that the products of the series – Olock® and Energy®, are the most functional and reliable biometric solutions for access control and time attendance. The products impressed visitors with cutting-edge design and state of the art technology.

“Once again, the fact that we participate in this show proves our leadership in the market in terms of innovative wireless biometric access control. Six years after our first award for innovation, we are the one and only entity with a wireless biometric technology. Most of the visitors at the Security exhibition in Essen complained about the inconvenience of outdated technologies, working with integrated chip or RFID. The great interest of distributors and customers proves that biometrics is the most obvious next step in security systems, meaning that we are on the right track,” said Julian Sofroniev, CEO of the company.

Security Essen is the first exhibitions in a series of international events this year in which BIODIT participates as an exhibitor. By the end of the year, BIODIT plans to introduce its products to “Hostelco” in Spain, “Gitex” in Dubai, and IFSEC India.

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BIODIT to participate in the prestigious trade fair Security Essen

The biometric producer BIODIT is going to participate in one of the biggest international trade fairs related to security technologies – Security Essen 2016. In the west-German city, BIODIT will present its products amongst other companies specialized in the access control and time attendance industry.

The event comes just in time for BIODIT after it has raised significant investment capital for its production capacity and has signed partnership deals with distributors across Europe. In Essen BIODIT will make a step related to its expansion oriented strategy by presenting its unique and innovative products – Wireless biometric devices for high security access control and time attendance systems. BIODIT is a high-tech company specialized in developing, designing and manufacturing advanced biometric access control and time attendance solutions for various industries. The company is a member of the Endeavor entrepreneurs network.

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The CEO of BIODIT opened the 64th International Selection Panel of Endeavor

The Executive Director of BIODIT Julian Sofroniev opened the 64th International Selection Panel of Endeavor in Madrid. Mr. Sofroniev, who is one of the new members of Endeavor, welcomed the candidates wishing to become part of the leading high-impact entrepreneurship movement before their interviews.

The selection panel is the culmination of a rigorous and extensive multi-step selection process. Earlier this year, the CEO Julian Sofroniev joined the family of Endeavor during the selection panel held in Dubai. The Executive Director is the third Bulgarian entrepreneur who will develop the company in collaboration with the best consultants in the business world. “Julian Sofroniev is one of the rising stars of entrepreneurship with a strong impact on Endeavor Bulgaria. He excelled with innovative ideas, showing undeniable growth potential of the company BIODIT and qualities as a leader,” shared Endeavor, adding that this is one of the main reasons to invite Mr. Sofroniev to share his experience with the new candidates.

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BIODIT expand its activities in the Spanish market

BIODIT signed a distribution agreement with the Spanish company Segurtasuna in Madrid. The distributor will market systems for access control of BIODIT, the first systems in the world using wireless technology.

“The growth of the company’s operations in Spain is part of our goal of global expansion. Spain is a leader in the tourism industry and we are ready to offer the best products in the hospitality industry. This market provides huge promising opportunities for development,” said CEO of BIODIT Julian Sofroniev. Barcelona was the city where BIODIT won the award “Best product innovative technology” for the prototype system Olock®, during one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the Hotel Industry “HOSTELCO”.

According to Mr. Sofroniev of great interest will be their innovative biometric protection system CarSec that was developed entirely and exclusively for the automotive industry and till this moment does not have any similar product. The expansion of the company’s operations in Europe is a natural continuation of the dynamic development of BIODIT. In the beginning of this year, the company was able to close Series A financing from venture capital fund NEVEQ and join the Endeavor family.

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