BIODIT installed innovative access control systems in Top Group Plus premises

BIODIT installed new generation access control and time attendance systems in Top Group Plus premises. The leading importer of Italian ceramic tiles for Bulgaria benefits from the wireless biometric technology for easy and secure access.

BIODIT systems allow employees to access the premises just with their fingerprint. At the same time working hours can be calculated automatically.

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BIODIT started partnership with the leader in the access control installation KS Group IN

The Bulgarian biometric systems manufacturer Biodit has launched a partnership with the leader in the installation of electrical and access control systems KS Group IN. The two companies will partner in providing a safe and secure environment in residential and office buildings.

Biodit produces state-of-the-art biometric access control and time attendance systems. The benefits for the users – they can enter the building just with a finger, energy efficient systems and real-time monitoring.

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BIODIT joined the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce

BIODIT Global Technology became a member of the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFB). The manufacturer of innovative biometric security solutions and ten new companies were welcomed by the French Ambassador in Bulgaria Eric Lyobedel and house speaker Stefan Dyolae during the first event of the business organization for 2017.

“Our membership in the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce is an opportunity to build new business contacts in the region. Our goal is to gain 3% of the biometrics market share in Europe, as we are affirming our positions and actively entering new markets”, said BIODIT CEO Julian Sofroniev.

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TC Connect will offer BIODIT products exclusively in the Scandinavian market

BIODIT innovative products will be represented in the Scandinavian countries by the leading distributor TC Connect. From the beginning of February the only biometric access control and time attendance systems with wireless connection are available for customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland.

“I am very happy that the Scandinavian countries show great interest in our products. These are the first biometric systems on the Scandinavian market offered by our partner TC Connect, with a specialized section. We believe in the potential of the markets in this part of Europe.” – said Julian Sofroniev, BIODIT CEO.

In the beginning of February, TC Connect introduced BIODIT products at the annual company meeting that took place in Riga, Latvia. At the event TC Connect set out their priorities for the year and presented BIODIT biometric technology benefits.

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BIODIT signing a distribution contract in the United Kingdom

The distributor Databac offers the opportunity for implementing BIODIT biometric solutions in the United Kingdom. UK will be provided with the innovative biometric access control and time attendance systems from the beginning of November.

“Databac interest was generated by the unique market systems Olock® and Biodit Energy®, which offer the highest level of security. Our WBLS® technology has no competition in the market and significantly increases the functionality of the devices, allowing not only an easy input but also full control by specialised software.” – said George Fotev, sales representative for the UK.

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New distributor will provide Spain with BIODIT products

BIODIT signed a distribution agreement with Databac. The international company will offer the Spanish market the world’s only wireless biometric access control and time attendance systems. In a country with well-developed hospitality, like Spain, there is an increasing interest in BIODIT products. Hotels have even already made official inquiries.

“During the Hostelco exhibition in Barcelona we presented BIODIT’s biometric systems at our stand. For four days interest shown from customers has been extremely high, and we expect sales to exceed significantly the preliminary forecasts. The devices’ elegant design would perfectly fit hotels, clubs and diverse workplaces that require higher security level. One great advantage of the devices is their easy installation.” – shared Databac distributors.

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BIODIT enters Belgium market

BIODIT’s unique wireless biometric access control and time attendance systems will be available on the Belgium market. The manufacturer signed an agreement with ANB. The company is a leader in the Belgium market for professional security solutions.

“The last VISA research shows that 81% of the Europeans think fingerprint recognition is the most secure way to access a control system. As the only manufacturer of wireless biometric system, ensuring the highest level of security, it is important for us to be represented on the European market. We believe that biometrics is the natural evolution of security systems.” – stated Julian Sofroniev, BIODOT’s CEO.

BIODIT’s biometric solutions leave behind the most widely used payment methods until now – with cards and codes. WBLS® technology allow customers to manage and monitor the access control systems in real time with specialized software from anywhere in the world. All company products are designed for easy and quick input.

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BIODIT started partnership with MOTO-PFOHE

In order to provide the best protection for their customers BIODIT and MOTO-PFOHE Ltd combined their work in the field of prevention against theft of vehicles. „MOTO-PFOHE”, one of the first automotive companies in Bulgaria and official importer and distributor of Land Rover, Ford, Volvo and Jaguar in the country, will provide its clients the high-tech protection system for vehicles CarSec by BIODIT.

This system is based on biometrics and through certain mechanisms and electronic interlocks, CarSec does not allow starting of the automobile without matching the correct fingerprint on the sensor. BIODIT’s biometric devices process fingerprints in a specific way by taking from 70 to 80 points and through mathematical algorithm the system creates three dimensions vector for each point. As a resulting a code is generated, which cannot be reproduced in reverse order, copied or used to for creating fingerprint model.

Julian Sofroniev, the CEO of BIODIT stated, “In BIODIT we firmly believe that technology should provide a better and more comfortable lifestyle. This philosophy was a huge challenge for us, but we accepted it, worked hard and tirelessly, so we can show you the most innovative products on the market today.”

More product information can be found at the following address: CarSec

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BIODIT signed a contract with “Brand Auto Mobile” LTD for installation and maintenance of biometric protection system CarSec

BIODIT signed a partnership agreement with “Brand Auto Mobile” LTD for installation and maintenance of devices CarSec on the territory of Sofia city. The service has a large technological base, skilled service specialists and the equipment meets all the requirements to operate with the latest technological tools.

“If a few years ago, the primary use of biometrics was in the government sector, technology now widely used,” explains Julian Sofroniev CEO BIODIT. Biometric system CarSec e entirely developed and produced by the Bulgarian company, providing the highest level of car safety.

More product information can be found at the following address: CarSec

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