CarSec prevented 16 attempted thefts of luxury cars

In 2015 the security system against vehicle theft CarSec prevented 16 attempted car thefts, ensuring peace and security to its customers. With 100% prevention of theft, the total value of these vehicles is 1.5 million lev.

„Widely known systems, such as immobilizers, alarms and GPS’, were compromised in recent years and their security is reduced to a very low level. These devices work with signals that can be easily intercepted and muted. That is the main reason we are witnessing explosive growth in car stealing not only in Bulgaria but also all over Europe. For 2015, the thefts in Bulgaria are increased by over 10%. In other countries like Spain, there are more that 70,000 thefts, in England – 181,000, while in France the number is 141,000”, stated the CEO of BIODIT Julian Sofroniev. BIODIT created and launched in 2014 its newest device – CarSec, with the highest possible technology for vehicle protection. While designing this device into serious consideration were taken all shortcomings of the previously known systems for car security.

Equipped with this biometric security system CarSec the risk of theft of your car is minimized due to the blockages, which prevent the start of the engine. BIODIT’s devices can be installed in any car brand and model. Working with CarSec is easy and convenient.

More product information can be found at the following address: CarSec

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