BIODIT receives a reference from MOTO-PFOHE Bulgaria

Thanks to the excellent results and shown qualities between the collaboration of the companies in the field of prevention against theft of vehicles, the management of MOTO-PFOHE LTD handed BIODIT a reference as a sign of gratitude. CarSec ensures the necessary safety to the customers of MOTO-PFOHE LTD.

Endeavoring to offer the best protection for their clients, in 2015 BIODIT and MOTO-PFOHE united their efforts in the security field. The companies work together in the fight against the vehicle theft through provision of the highest possible technology for vehicle protection – CarSec.

MOTO-PFOHE Bulgaria is one of the first automotive companies in Bulgaria, as well as the official importer and distributor of Land Rover, Ford, Volvo and Jaguar in the country. BIODIT’s system is designed so that it can be installed in any vehicle brand and model so working with CarSec is easy and convenient. “CarSec is a system, developed entirely and solely for automobiles and automotive security. It provides the highest level of security known to date”, states the CEO of BIODIT Julian Sofroniev.

This high technology security system device for vehicles CarSec is a combination of innovative solutions and unique technology. In its construction were used only high quality materials and certified technology, meeting all requirements of the European Union.

More product information can be found at the following address: CarSec

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