“Generali Bulgaria” will offer its customers the most innovative vehicle protection system – CarSec

One of the largest insurance companies in Bulgaria “Generali” trust BIODIT in preventing theft of vehicles. The leader in insurance will provide its customers with the highest level of security through the biometric system CarSec. Through certain mechanical and electronic interlocks, the system interrupts different modules in the vehicle and without placing the authorized fingerprint on the sensor the engine of this car cannot be started in any way.

The biometric scanners do not store an image of the fingerprint. The fingerprint sensor identifies unique minutiae points and measurements within your fingerprint and creates a digital template for matching. “All the weaknesses of the known systems for automotive safety were taken into serious consideration when designing CarSec. The system does not emit a signal that can be captured, stored and subsequently used, “said CEO producer BIODIT. He points out that in the development of CarSec are used only high-quality materials and certified modern technologies meeting all requirements of the European Union. The technology is designed so that it allows to be installed in each brand and model cars. Recording or deleting fingerprints takes 15 seconds.

More product information can be found at the following address: CarSec

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