BIODIT equipped with a protection system the latest model of Land Rover

Biodit equipped the most luxurious and powerful SUV in production Range Rover SVAutobiography with the highest possible technology for vehicle protection – CarSec. Due to the extremely high level of security that Biodit offers, in 2015 were registered and prevented 16 attempted thefts of high-end cars, totalling over 1.5 million lev.

CarSec is a biometric security system exclusively developed for the automobile industry by BIODIT. The system protects the vehicle by interlocks that prevent the engine starting until the fingerprint is not duly submitted to the CarSec system. The system can be installed in every car brand and model. The device does not emit signals that can be captured, recorded or used. The risk of theft is practically minimized.

BIODIT has already signed partnership agreements with three of the leading insurance companies in Bulgaria and currently the final details of three new agreements are being negotiated. The biometric device captures the fingerprint through an infrared beam. Then collect from 70 to 80 points of the fingerprint and by means of a mathematical algorithm, it vectorizes each point in 3 dimensions: width, length, and depth. From this record, a hexadecimal number is drawn. This number is kept in a database and the same procedure takes place when the finger is placed over the sensor. This biometric system is very different from the registration procedures used in police authorities, where photocopy, scan or physical digitize is made of the fingerprint.

More product information can be found at the following address: CarSec

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