Топ безопасност, съчетана с дизайн от най-висок клас

- WBLS® безжична комуникация (Wireless biometric locking system®).
- Автономна от батерия
- Лесен монтаж, без никакви строителни работи или окабеляване
- Важи за нови инсталации или замени



Olock® е иновативно хотелска брава за контрол на достъпа за хотели. Той осигурява бърз и лесен достъп на потребителите до различни помещения чрез карта с най-високо ниво на сигурност.

Olock® е свързан със софтуера за управление и с други мрежови устройства, използвайки безжичната система за биометрично заключване® (WLBS®), базирана на платформа Zigbee.

Тази свързаност опростява инсталациите, като се възползва от общите изчислителни ресурси и улеснява инсталирането на продукта, без да е необходима строителна работа или окабеляване.


• Fingerprint biometrical identification technology.
• Attractive design in different finishes and colours.
• Simple installation without cabling, for new or already exiting constructions.
• Compatible with different door thicknesses from 30 to 115 mm.
• Compatible with ANSI embedded locks. Available version for
cylinder ( input of 60mm or more, follower lever of 8mm. If
cylinder is used, distance between axes of 85mm)
• Bidirectional wireless communication between the control
software and the Olock device.
• Safety in the wireless communication on all kind of devices,
coded wireless communication with safety verifications per
cyclical redundancy codes and safety safety algorithms.
• Anti-panic function, the lock can always be opened from inside
by using a suitable embedded lock.
• Restraint fingerprint function.
• Sound warning by buzzer on access
• Visual warning with red and green leds on access.

Opening Modes

– Identification mode (door opening after fingerprint validation).
– Clearance mode (free clearance).
– Access mode by time band.
– Remote opening.
– Emergency opening (through PPD controller)

Information provided through control software

– Detailed reports on the locks’ activity.
– Maintenance reports.
– Online monitoring of the status of the batteries at any time.
– Automatic incidence messages.
– History of identification events per user.
– Access permissions per groups of users (staff or clients).
– Elimination of access on request (fingerprint detection locally)
– Staff access follow-up.
– Open/closed door notification (only if provided with external sensor).


Biometric features

• Optical sensor.
• Area of the sensor: 18 x 22 mm.
• Resolution: 500dpi.
• Authentication times (1:1): less than 1 second (standard time).
• Identification Times (1:500 people): 1.5 seconds.
• Maximum number of fingerprints per Olock®: 500 (extendable
to 3000 and 5000).
• FAR <=0.00001%.

Environmental characteristics

– Operating temperature: -10ºC to 45ºC.
– Storage temperature: -20ºC to 70ºC.
– Relative humidity: 20% to 80%.


– Necessary power supply: Pack of lithium batteries of 3.6Vdc.
– Number of openings: Between 40,000 and 50,000.
– Low consumption, the device will remain on standby, the sensor will
activate when you lower the handle.


– Digital input for external sensor

Network and communications

– WBLS Wireless communication with the rest of the network devices.
– Possibility of ONLINE and OFFLINE operation


– For interiors and covered exteriors.
– On doors with through screws.