About Us

Biodit Global Technology

BIODIT is a leading high-technology company specialized in development of state-of-the-art biometric security systems.

BIODIT means innovation, comfort, design but above all, it means highest level of SECURITY. You are your own identity. There is no need for keys, access cards or PIN codes, only a single fingerprint identification.

If you believe that creating 21st century user experience through new technology and innovation is a core pillar for your company’s success, our comprehensive biometric solution is for you.

BIODIT will provide you with great tools for better access control, work time tracking, unique experience for your customers or employees, with no need to ware plastic cards, keys or remember PIN Codes or passwords.

The areas of application of our unique biometric technology for access control, time attendance monitoring and management of operations, just to name a few, are endless – healthcare industry, business and office centres, commercial and residential buildings, hospitality industry, university centres, banking industry, automotive industry, security companies etc.

Your space is your unique environment. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our Research & Development department our products have high-end design with wide variety of colours and furnishings. They will add a gentle technological finish to your premises interior outlook. Our team will help you find the solution which best fits to your needs and create an environment where the present meets the future.

You are your own identity. Our solutions offer a world of no limitations, a world full of possibilities. The result is an offer that provides you with the best biometric technology on the market today – Olock®, Conik®, Energy®. Serious and flexible solutions that allow you to grow and develop and that by all means help you multiply your possibilities. All our solutions contain their own wireless technology, without cables that is connected to a centralized control platform which allows real time control and management via the Internet from anywhere around the globe.

Look into the future together with BIODIT, because we complement each other. This is not an offer but a proposal for prosperity, comfort, security, design variations, better management and control of your business. BIODIT is a comprehensive biometric solution. The global systems that you can trust.

Welcome to the future!