Ensuring the comfort and security of all guests during their stay is probably the core service provided by each hotel. Using the Olock® solution guests do not need to carry cards or keys that can be easily forgotten or lost. The solution can be connected with the innovative Biodit Energy®, which brings enhanced management of the electricity costs. Those costs can be substantially reduced through optimised use of the electrical devices in each room of the hotel.
The environment matters! 

Thanks to WBLS®, BIODIT easily and quickly implemented, not only in newly built but also in already existing hotels. 

By optimizing cost and time, access control and real-time monitoring with BIODIT’s systems management and service in every hotel will be improved.

Industrial Sites

Industrial sites following their operational rules have a solid foundation for building a safer and adequate risk adverse working environment. Part of this policy is strict access control to premises, facilities, areas, labs or server rooms. Limiting your employees’ access to specific areas combined with accurate monitoring of working time represent a good tool for increasing both safety on site and employee effectiveness.

The wide range of Biodit access control devices, allows customization of the system to each infrastructure. Additionally, with our concept for smart devices, you will be able to set access permissions and control employees time attendance remotely. Last, but not least we can support you in the services for GDPR compliance.

Buildings and Offices

There is an overall dynamic development of new and existing office facilities, including the disruptive co-working spaces. Thus, there are increasing expectations for better security, flexible systems and possibilities for optimizations and personalization. Additionally, the GDPR and the digitalization set strict policies for access control to different areas.

Biodit provides you with unique solution, which offers the highest reliability by ensuring access control only to the people with granted permission. In addition, our cloud-based solutions allow you to connect multiple buildings and areas in one system. All these without any physical identification means like cards, pin codes, keys. People become their own identity.

Banking and Financial Institutions

All financial institutions must follow extremely heavy security requirements. Strict and uncompromising access control to restricted areas is a vital part of risk management and control of the organisation. BIODIT’s devices comply with those security standards preventing any internal or external intruders from entering restricted areas. A biometric solution will also dramatically minimize the risk of fraudulent acts committed by the employees.

Our wall-mounted and build-in solutions allow you to install the Biodit system not only to different doors, tourniquets and barriers, but also on safes, ATMs etc. Thus, there will be an ongoing real-time monitor and control of your employees, who are granted with access to use your institution’s assets.

Health and Hospital centres

In any hospital, controlled access and security are essential. We can improve the overall organization and ensure access for patients and visitors is only limited to their stay in the hospital. Biometric systems prevent the possibility of unauthorized personnel entering restricted areas such as surgical wards, administration and warehouse storages or any drugs laboratories.

Understanding the needs and the financial condition of the hospitals, Biodit is ready to provide special subscription models, without initial payments. Thus, the health organisations will be able to benefit from the most innovative biometric access control system and provide to its patients’ high level of comfort and security.


CarSec is specially developed for the automotive industry. It is a combination of innovation and unique technology. The biometrical product offers extremely high level of vehicle protection, far better than other common solutions like auto-alarms or immobilizers.

The protection against vehicle theft is provided through fingerprint identification and authentication. The system protects the vehicle by interlocks that prevent the engine starting until the fingerprint is duly accepted. The embedded LED and audible signals indicate the system status in case of fingerprint identification and help for programming of various functions. No additional devices such as computers or keyboards are required in order to change the parameters of the system – you only need to follow the instructions and enter into the fingerprints system. You are your key!