Energy efficiency device

– Control device for the switching On/Off, climatisation, etc… of the room.
– Replacement for the conventional card devices.
– Capacitive touch button for manual operation.
– Acoustic and luminous indication of the operational state.
– Wireless Communication under Enocean standards.

product overview


We are aware of the importance of saving energy, not only to improve commercial margins, but also to optimize the quality and image of companies towards their clients. Through our product Biodit Energy® we have achieved this.

Biodit Energy® will provide you with energy savings obtained via reduction in energy intensity and consumption.

Biodit Energy® is not only a common way of pointing out your ecological conscience, but also a solution towards the wellbeing of the guest and a reduction in energy expenses.

Main Characteristics & Technical Features



– Master Control device of the electrical circuits of the room.
– Incorporates Enocean bidirectional wireless communication.
– Able to handle autonomously up to 4 Enocean sensors.
– Time controlled disconnection response after leaving the room.
– Automatic Lighting control when accessing to the room.
– Luminous indicator of the system status. Green indicates ON and Red indicates OFF.
– Acoustic Indicator for the time controlled switch ON/OFF system.
– Power Supply SELV ( Low Voltage Security).


– Power supply connector . 2 poles connector type.
– Relay Output 2A 230 V ( NC, NO y C). 3 Poles Connector type

Environmental characteristics

– Operating temperature: -10ºC to 45ºC.
– Storage temperature: -20ºC to 70ºC.
– Relative humidity: 20% to 80%.

Network and communications

– Enocean wireless communication compatible with third parties products interface


– For interiors.
– Embedded in american mechanism box, with Niessen´s frame (model Zenit).

Power supply

– 12Vdc 500mA.

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