Hospitality Overview

We believe that ensuring the comfort and security of all guests during their stay is probably the core service provided by each hotel. 
For that reason we created the first wireless biometric system for access control in the world. Designed especially for the hospitality sector.
Using our solution guests do not need to carry cards or keys that can be easily forgotten or lost. Our system enhance management of the electricity costs. Those costs can be substantially reduced through optimised use of the electrical devices in each room of the hotel. Because the environment matters! 
It enables easily connect with PMS systems and does not require any cabling or repair and construction work.
Our innovative biometric solution is compliant with the GDPR.

Features & Benefits

The highest level of security and convenience, combined with accurate identification
Between 3%-8% less operational costs and up to 25% energy cost savings
Easy installation for a new or existing facilities, without additional building works
Effective staff control in real time through Biodit Management Software
Software integrated with leading hotel management systems
Unique guest experience through the latest technology on the market

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