Financial institutions increase their focus on biometrics aiming to safeguard more effectively the customers

Consumers across Europe are more and more interested in using biometrics when making payments. According to a new research from Visa, this is considered so especially when biometric methodologies that verify certain person’s identity are integrated with other security measures during payment procedures. Over two-thirds (68%) of the Europeans want to use biometrics as a method of payment authentication while buying goods or services in different situations. Nearly three-quarters (73%) see two-factor authentication, where one of the biometric methodologies is used in conjunction with a payment device, as a secure way to confirm an account holder.

When looking at the benefits of biometric authentication – the process that validates a person’s identity by measuring an intrinsic characteristic specific to an individual such as fingerprints or iris patterns – half of Europeans (51%) state that they believe it could create a faster and easier payment experience than traditional methods. Moreover, when taking into account only the perceived security of biometric technologies, 81% of consumers see fingerprints as the most secure. This is why 53% express a preference for fingerprint over other forms of biometric authentication when using it for payment.

BIODIT is proud to be a leading high-technology company specialized exactly in the development of such biometric systems that contribute to people’s safety. The company is developing and implementing the future biometric opportunities into the present. BIODIT’s products are based on fingerprint recognition. As an outcome from successful partnerships with various types of organizations the products have been already implemented in different projects around Europe. Regarding financial institutions – such an example is the most modern vault in Sofia which was recently equipped with systems elaborated and developed by BIODIT.

Furthermore, major financial institutions as the worldwide recognized Generali, Uniqa and Allianz cooperate and trust BIODIT while providing their customers with the highest level of security through the systems of the biometric company. They all have extremely high requirements in terms of security which BIODIT’s devices meet in every aspect. Controlling access regime to restricted areas is an important part of the security strategy.

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