Новина New Layer In just one and a half years, BIODIT has installed 1,500 devices In just one and a half years, BIODIT has installed 1,500 devices for access control and time management in manufacturing plants, offices and office buildings, commercial premises, hotels, residential buildings and more. Виж повече Web Version BIODIT has taken another step forward in the development of its solutions with the launch of a web-based version of its software. This new development provides even greater flexibility and convenience for the ever-increasing number of system users. Different Slide BIODIT knows it Everybody is different

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Hospitality The success of the travel service depends on the unique experience and comfort that the guest receives! BIODIT Hotel Management System is a solution that makes the management of each hotel more efficient, gives more comfort and tranquility. Read More Access Control The system is the necessary "tool" for the highest reliability in the management and control of access to buildings, rooms, service and parking spaces and more. Read More Time Management The evolution of technology has enabled us to create a solution of new generation that makes any business more efficient. BIODIT Time Management is a powerful tool that combines innovative identification technology and software to manage and control your staff. Read More Smart Homes Existing door locking solutions use outdated technology and offer a low level of security. Biodit has developed EasyLock, a new generation of biometric door locking device that uses fingerprint identification to open home doors without the need for keys, cards, PINs and more. Read More