BIODIT started partnership with MOTO-PFOHE

In order to provide the best protection for their customers BIODIT and MOTO-PFOHE Ltd combined their work in the field of prevention against theft of vehicles. „MOTO-PFOHE”, one of the first automotive companies in Bulgaria and official importer and distributor of Land Rover, Ford, Volvo and Jaguar in the country, will provide its clients the high-tech protection system for vehicles CarSec by BIODIT.

This system is based on biometrics and through certain mechanisms and electronic interlocks, CarSec does not allow starting of the automobile without matching the correct fingerprint on the sensor. BIODIT’s biometric devices process fingerprints in a specific way by taking from 70 to 80 points and through mathematical algorithm the system creates three dimensions vector for each point. As a resulting a code is generated, which cannot be reproduced in reverse order, copied or used to for creating fingerprint model.

Julian Sofroniev, the CEO of BIODIT stated, “In BIODIT we firmly believe that technology should provide a better and more comfortable lifestyle. This philosophy was a huge challenge for us, but we accepted it, worked hard and tirelessly, so we can show you the most innovative products on the market today.”

More product information can be found at the following address: CarSec

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