BIODIT’s activity is focused on the research, design, development and manufacture of the latest generation biometric systems and highly advanced technology.

All wireless or wired products are designed for quick and easy installation.

BIODIT is developer of the unique WBLS® (Wireless Biometric Locking Systems®) technology. It allows centralization of the information via specific management control software. The product is designed for easy installation without any construction work or cabling.

All biometric devices are managed by our inhouse developed software which provides remote access functionality.
Your place is your access.

topologiqBIODIT’s WBLS® solution transforms the security industry by an entirely new concept and service. The wireless biometric devices set a new standard in systems for access control combined with a flexible software platform. A solution with no need for cabling, pre-installation or any construction and repair works. The technology is designed to establish fully independent and reliable architecture that provides additional opportunities compared to the traditional access control systems.  All users have much more convenient and secure way for free physical access to: hotel rooms, offices, business centers, conference rooms, fitness halls, garages, etc.

topologia-cableadaENGThe wired biometric system of BIODIT is designed for monitoring, management and control of any electronic locks, parking barriers, turnstiles and others. Built-in programmable relay outputs and digital inputs make biometric devices suitable for administrative buildings, governmental administration, financial institutions, airports, railway stations, hotels, universities, industrial zones, special-purpose premises, etc. BIODIT’s biometric devices have a attractive design which can easily fit to any interior space.

The connectivity of the controllers to an existing or newly established LAN / WAN network creates convenience for upgrading the system at any time. Through them any electrical appliances, alarm systems, ventilation systems, elevators, etc, can be controlled. Antipassback function ensures correct access control and accurate extract of printouts of the working time.

BIODIT offers customers a variety of features and options that provide opportunities to build complex systems with many levels of access and control.