Ensuring the comfort and security of all guests during their stay is probably the core service provided by each hotel. Using the Olock® solution guests do not need to carry cards or keys that can be easily forgotten or lost. The solution can be connected with the innovative Biodit Energy®, which brings enhanced management of the electricity costs. Those costs can be substantially reduced through optimised use of the electrical devices in each room of the hotel.
The environment matters!

Thanks to WBLS® , BIODIT easily and quickly implemented, not only in newly built but also in already existing hotels.

By optimizing cost and time, access control and real-time monitoring with BIODIT’s systems management and service in every hotel will be improved.


Security is becoming a vital topic for any airport operator. Access control to restricted areas, full visibility on the movement at the premises of each contractor’s employee or visitor, track on watchman services, to name a few, should meet the highest level of security. Hence apart from good processes in place, reliable physical protection on site is a must have condition to improve the safety at the airport.

BIODIT’s biometric solution addresses those requirements providing the highest level of access control security. The biometric sensors process between 70 and 80 points of a fingerprint through a proprietary algorithm which does not allow backward fingerprint replication. Our fingerprint scanners are FBI, IAFIS and IUS certified, thus helping you meet the constantly increasing industry demands.

Health and Hospital centres

In any hospital, controlled access and security are essential. We can improve the overall organization and ensure access for patients and visitors is only limited to their stay in the hospital. Biometric systems prevent the possibility of unauthorized personnel entering restricted areas such as surgical wards, administration and warehouse storages or any drugs laboratories.

Industrial Sites

Industrial sites following their operational rules have a solid foundation for building a safer and adequate risk adverse working environment. Part of this policy is strict access control to premises, facilities, areas, labs or server rooms. Limiting your employees’ access to specific areas combined with accurate monitoring of working time represent a good tool for increasing both safety on site and employee effectiveness.

Buildings and Offices

BIODIT’s biometric access control systems can also be widely adopted in the administrative or public buildings. The systems allow setting an access rules based on work schedule, control of various electrical appliances, alarm and ventilation systems. The data can be monitored in real time. The innovative biometric wireless solution makes building access system more efficient and does not require any cabling or repair and construction works.

Banking and Financial Institutions

All financial institutions must follow extremely heavy security requirements. Strict and uncompromising access control to restricted areas is a vital part of risk management and control of the organisation. BIODIT’s devices comply with those security standards preventing any internal or external intruders from entering restricted areas. A biometric solution will also dramatically minimize the risk of fraudulent acts committed by the employees.