Olock® WBLS®


– Biometric access control lock.
– WBLS®.
– Autonomous by battery.
– Easy installation, without any kind of building work or cabling.
– Valid for new installations or replacements.

Available colors: olock


Olock® WBLS®

Olock® WBLS® is an innovative wireless biometric device for access control. It provides strictly controlled user access to different rooms or areas through fingerprint identification. There is no need for keys, magnetic cards, passwords, etc., which can be stolen, lost, broken or forgotten.

Olock® WBLS® is connected via Gateway® to the Biodit Management Software. The secure encrypted 128-bit connection is based on ZigBee protocol.

This connectivity simplifies installation using standard computing resources. The wireless technology does not need any building reconstruction, repair or wiring works.

Main characteristics

• Fingerprint biometrical identification technology.
• Attractive design in different finishes and colors.
• Simple installation without cabling, for new or already exiting constructions.
• Compatible with different door thicknesses from 30 to 115 mm.
• Compatible with ANSI embedded locks.
• Bidirectional wireless communication between the control software and the Olock device.
• Safety in the wireless communication on all kind of devices, coded wireless communication with safety verifications per cyclical redundancy codes and safety safety algorithms.
• Anti-panic function, the door can always be opened from inside by using the handle.
• Sound warning by buzzer on access
• Visual warning with red and green leds on access.

Opening Modes

• Identification mode (door opening after fingerprint validation).
• Clearance mode (free clearance).
• Access mode by time band.
• Remote opening.
• Emergency opening (through PPD controller)

Biometric characteristics

• Optical sensor.
• Area of the sensor: 18 x 22 mm.
• Resolution: 500dpi.
• Authentication times (1:1): less than 1 second (standard time).
• Identification Times (1:500 people): 1.5 seconds.
• Maximum number of fingerprints per Olock®: 500 (extendable to 3000 and 5000).
• FAR <=0.00001%.

Environmental characteristics

• Operating temperature: -10ºC to 45ºC.
• Storage temperature: -20ºC to 70ºC.
• Relative humidity: 20% to 80%.


• Necessary power supply: Pack of lithium batteries of 3.6Vdc.
• Number of openings: Between 40,000 and 50,000.
• Low consumption, the device will remain on standby, the sensor will activate when you lower the handle.


• Digital input for external sensor.

Network and communications

• WBLS Wireless communication with the rest of the network devices.


• For interiors and covered exteriors.
• On door installation.