Biodit Energy®

– Control device for the switching On/Off, climatisation, etc… of the room
– Replacement for the conventional card devices
– Capacitive touch button for manual operation
– Acoustic and luminous indication of the operational state
– Wireless Communication under Enocean standards

Available colors: energy

Biodit Energy®

Biodit Energy® provides a state of the art device for control and optimization of energy consumption. Installing the device will also make your facility more environmentally friendly. It is a great tool to build a reputation for socially engaged company which cares for the wellbeing of the plant.

Biodit Energy® communicates wirelessly with the Olock® system. The only wiring needed is the connection between the device and the electrical switchboard.

The Environment matters!

Main characteristics

• Master Control device of the electrical circuits of the room.
• Incorporates Enocean bidirectional wireless communication.
• Able to handle autonomously up to 4 Enocean sensors.
• Time controlled disconnection response after leaving the room.
• Automatic Lighting control when accessing to the room.
• Luminous indicator of the system status. Green indicates ON and Red indicates OFF.
• Acoustic Indicator for the time controlled switch ON/OFF system.
• Power Supply SELV ( Low Voltage Security).

Environmental characteristics

• Operating temperature: -10ºC to 45ºC.
• Storage temperature: -20ºC to 70ºC.
• Relative humidity: 20% to 80%.

Power supply

• 12Vdc 500mA.


• Power supply connector . 2 poles connector type.
• Relay Output 2A 230 V ( NC, NO y C). 3 Poles Connector type.

Network and communications

• Enocean wireless communication compatible with third parties products interface.


• For interiors.
• Embedded in american mechanism box, with Niessen´s frame ( model Zenit).