– Biometric access control device to be embedded.
– Embedded in universal mechanism box, easy installation.
– Exchangeable frames in different colors (series LS, LS PLUS and FD by JUNG).

Available colors: Inside-wbls


Inside® is a biometric device for access control. It provides quick and easy access for users to different rooms or areas through fingerprint identification.

Thanks to its attractive design Inside® is applicable for all interior and is designed for installation on the wall.

Inside® is connected via DriverControl® to the Biodit Management Software with RS485 interface with a maximum distance of 1 km.

Main characteristics

• Attractive design in high quality material.
• Fingerprint biometrical identification technology.
• Simple installation with just one UTP CAT5 cable.
• Range of the UTP cabling for data bus of up to 1Km*.
• Encrypted communication between the reading unit and the control unit through 485 bus.
• Surface installation on walls.
• For covered exteriors.
• Requires connection to a control unit such as Driver Control.
• Sound warning by buzzer on access.
*for distances greater than 25m it will require external power supply.

Biometric characteristics

• Optical sensor.
• Area of the sensor: 18 x 22 mm.
• Resolution: 500dpi.
• Authentication time (1:1): Less than 1 second (standard time).
• Identification time (1:500 people): 1.5 seconds.
• Maximum number of fingerprints: 500 (extendable to 3000 and 5000).
• FAR <=0.00001%.

Environmental characteristics

• Operating temperature: -10ºC to 45ºC.
• Storage temperature: -20ºC to 70ºC.
• Relative humidity: 20% to 80%.


• Requires power supply.


• External power supply connector. Removable terminal type connector.
• Auxiliary connector, Removable terminal type connectors.
• RJ45 connector for bus connection with the control unit.

Network and communications

• Communication through the 485 bus.


• For interiors and covered exteriors.
• Flush mount.