– Includes 4 relay outputs and 2 digital inputs.
– Compatible with Biodit’s wired biometric devices.
– Manages up to two connected reading units.
– Simple installation for all types of construction.
– Controlling electrical motors, lighting, A.A., etc….


DriverControl® is a network controller connecting BIODIT’s wired biometric devices and Biodit Management Software.

DriverControl® can operate with up to 2 biometric devices for controlling one door bilateral or two doors unilaterally. It has 4 programmable relays and 2 programmable digital inputs. DriverControl® can also control electronic locks, automatic doors, parking barriers, turnstiles. Functionality includes control of electrical appliances such as lighting, air conditioning, ventilation systems and elevators.

The communication with other controllers and specialized software is performed via the built-in Ethernet network card linked to an existing or newly built LAN/WAN network.

Main characteristics

• Connects to the existing Ethernet data network.
• Ethernet connection encrypted with the control software.
• Encrypted communication between the reading unit and the control unit through 485 bus.
• Automatic mode for input/output access (Antipassback).
• Configurable operation for torno.
• Configuration of the relays for individual outputs or for the control of a motor.
• Relay configuration in bistable mode or pulse mode.
• Configuration of the relay activation time in pulse mode.
• Configuration of the digital inputs for operation as trigger or switch.
• Possibility of configuration of delays for the activation of the outputs.
• Possibility of activating the outputs directly through the digital inputs.
• Possibility of assigning conditional logic for the activation of the outputs.
• SELV power supply (safety extra-low voltage).

Opening Modes

• Identification mode through associated biometric sensor.
• Access mode by time band.
• Access mode by group profiles.
• Remote opening.

Enviromental characteristics

• Operating temperature: -10ºC to 45ºC.
• Storage temperature: -20ºC to 70ºC.
• Relative humidity: 20% to 80%.


• Necessary power supply: 12Vdc500mA.


• Power supply jack connector.
• RJ45 connector for Ethernet.
• RS232 connector for configuration in local mode.
• 2 digital inputs Removable terminal type connectors.
• 4 relay output 12A 230V (NC and NA). Removable terminal typeconnectors.
• RJ45 connector for 485 bus connection of the biometric sensor 1.
• RJ45 connector for 485 bus connection of the biometric sensor 2.

Network and communications

• Communication with biometric reading units through 485 bus.
• Ethernet cabled communication.
• Possibility of ONLINE operation only.


• For interiors.
• Surface.