Conik®Access Wall

– Fingerprint biometrical identification technology.
– Surface installation on walls.
– Simple installation for all types of construction.
– High safety device with cabled connection through the data bus.

Available colors: accsess_roll

Conik®Access Wall

Conik®Access Wall is a biometric device for access control. It is designed for surface installation on walls, providing quick and easy user access to different rooms or areas through fingerprint identification.

Thanks to its modern design Conik®Access Wall adds a gentle technological finish to your premises interior outlook. The integrated sound and light signaling makes it easier for consumers to scan a fingerprint.

Conik®Access Wall is connected via DriverControl® to the Biodit Management Software with RS485 interface with a maximum distance of 1 km.

Main characteristics

• Attractive design in high quality material.
• Fingerprint biometrical identification technology.
• Simple installation with just one UTP CAT5 cable.
• Easy installation to new or existing buildings
• Range of the UTP cabling for data bus of up to 1Km*.
• Encrypted communication between the reading unit and the control unit through 485 bus.
• Surface installation on walls.
• For covered exteriors.
• Requires connection to a control unit such as Driver Control.
• Sound warning by buzzer on access.
*for distances greater than 25m it will require external power supply.

Technical characteristics

OPERATING MODE Typical comsuptlon
Standby mode 160mA
System Idle 40mA
Sensor On 500uA

Biometric characteristics

Optical sensor.
• Area of the sensor: 18 x 22 mm.
• Resolution: 500dpi.
• Authentication time (1:1): Less than 1 second (standard time).
• Identification time (1:500 people): 1.5 seconds.
• Maximum number of fingerprints: 500 (extendable to 3000 and 5000).
• FAR <=0.00001%.

Environmental characteristics

• Operating temperature: -10ºC to 45ºC.
• Storage temperature: -20ºC to 70ºC.
• Relative humidity: 20% to 80%.


• Requires power supply.


• External power supply connector. Removable terminal type connector.
• Auxiliary connector, Removable terminal type connectors.
• RJ45 connector for bus connection with the control unit.

Network and communications

• Communication through the 485 bus.


• For interiors and covered exteriors.
• Surface.