Biodit Management Software

Biodit Management Software

Biodit Management Software is a software platform for access system configuration. It provides real-time monitoring, handling of inquiries and time attendance reports. Client friendly interface make it easy to use. Registration, change of settings or removing a user takes less than a minute. Each fingerprint in the system which uses Biodit Management Software, is transformed to a hexadecimal code through mathematical algorithm which makes backward fingerprint image reproduction or coping is impossible.

Reports are filtered and exported in PDF or XLS files for further processing. The information is recorded and stored in a database on the client server which provides remote access.

Main characteristics

Architecture client I server:
The information management is centralized in a single database server which DBMS (database management system data) is PostgreSQL, allowing multi-user and multi-user access to it through our solution Olock®.

PostgreSQL as DBMS:
PostgreSQL is distributed under the license of PostgreSQL, a separate free license which entails no additional cost

System Management:
From a workstation it may perform access control of all enterprises that are on the same database server.

Users Unlimited:
Dependent on the ability of the database server.

Users of application and safety standards:
We distinguish different security roles, each one is characterized by their level of access to information. Each user is protected by a password.

Monitoring the status of locks

Principal events:

User ID: Our system will be informed of all correct identifications occurred in the lock, so we know the user accessed the room and when that access occurred.

State or batteries: locks regularly report their battery level where the state exceeds a critical threshold level of charge.

For effective management of all these events filtering and reporting tools are available.

Allows selection of the language of the application on each workstation.

Auto Updater:
Unattended or under the uses request, our application will check for updates and automatically update if necessary.

Check-in and check-out:
Hours of check-in and check-out parameterized and customizable by the user.

User Enrollment:
Under a parameterized constraint to two enrollments per user, it may be taken fingerprints of authorized users in a very simple and intuitive way by selecting a hand and clicking on the finger to enroll.

In an easy and flexible way, access to several people may be authorized under a headline.

Send and delete the fingerprint of the locks.

– On request: response to specific needs.
– Unattended: According to the planning of reserves.
– Mass: It is defined management of shipping and clearing traces of the personnel of the company very quickly, because for this we can select employees by department or directly in its entirety. On the other hand, the level of selection of the rooms where we want to send the tracks is very flexible and you can select for example a plant, a certain room or directly around the building.

Management rounds:

Our software allows the creation of patrols. To do this, you define your start and end, selecting the control points that make up the round to finally assign the relevant employees.

Verification of rounds made:

Through a simple query tool can verify the proper completion of the round, validating a glance not only if the control points have been inspected, but they have been in the order defined.

Capability of integration into anolhar database:

subject to previous analysis to determine viability

Technical characteristics

Minimum Requirements
• Hardware
• RAM:512 or higher.
• Processor: Pentium IIor higher.
• Ethernet connection.
• A USB port.
• MS-Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7.

• Platform: Windows 2003 or 2008.
• Internet Information Server installed.
• Motor database: PostgreSQL.
• Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS,UPS).