CarSec is specially developed for the automotive industry. It is a combination of innovation and unique technology. The biometrical product offers extremely high level of vehicle protection, far better than other common solutions like auto-alarms or immobilizers.

The protection against vehicle theft is provided through fingerprint identification. The system protects the vehicle by interlocks that prevent the engine starting until the fingerprint is duly accepted. The embedded LED and audible signals indicate the system status in case of fingerprint identification and help for programming of various functions. No additional devices such as computers or keyboards are required in order to change the parameters of the system – you only need to follow the instructions and enter into the fingerprints system.
The installation is easy and suitable for every vehicle, no matter the brand, the model, the fuel it runs on, etc. CarSec has been designed for every car!
You are your key!


• In system memory can be stored 1 MASTER and 9 USER fingerprints.

• For customers convenient in the system is built-in the function Service Mode in which mode the user can suspend the system functionalities /interlocks/, if necessary the vehicle to be left for servicing or any other purpose.

• Aiming to achieve maximum electrical efficiency, when the vehicle is not working, CarSec enters in passive regime and does not charge the vehicle battery. To protect the vehicle, the system is activated when the ignition is done and requires correct fingerprint to be able to drop locks.


• Biometric fingerprint identification;
• Embedded LED and audible signals;
• Stand-alone system;
• One master fingerprint plus nine users fingerprints;
• Service mode;
• IDLE mode;


• Extremely high level of vehicle protection which minimizes the risk of theft
• Loss-savings for insurance companies and customers
• Cost-savings on insurance premiums
• Easy operation with the system
• No radio signal which avoids skimming