The Executive Director of BIODIT Julian Sofroniev opened the 64th International Selection Panel of Endeavor in Madrid. Mr. Sofroniev, who is one of the new members of Endeavor, welcomed the candidates wishing to become part of the leading high-impact entrepreneurship movement before their interviews.

The selection panel is the culmination of a rigorous and extensive multi-step selection process. Earlier this year, the CEO Julian Sofroniev joined the family of Endeavor during the selection panel held in Dubai. The Executive Director is the third Bulgarian entrepreneur who will develop the company in collaboration with the best consultants in the business world. “Julian Sofroniev is one of the rising stars of entrepreneurship with a strong impact on Endeavor Bulgaria. He excelled with innovative ideas, showing undeniable growth potential of the company BIODIT and qualities as a leader,” shared Endeavor, adding that this is one of the main reasons to invite Mr. Sofroniev to share his experience with the new candidates.

BIODIT is an innovative company specializing in the manufacture and design of systems for identification and access control based on biometric data. Through its revolutionary system for wireless biometric lock WBLS® the company sets new standards in the market. BIODIT’s main products provide access control for the hospitality industry and high-tech solutions for vehicle security.