Julian Sofroniev CEO of BIODIT joined the Endeavor family – a global network of dynamic entrepreneurs. He is the third Bulgarian entrepreneur who will develop his company in collaboration with the best consultants in the business world. Endeavor operates in 23 countries to help entrepreneurs to grow their companies so that they become fundamental factors for long-term economic growth of their countries, creating new jobs and innovation, and supporting the younger generation of entrepreneurs.
“Julian Sofroniev is one of the rising stars of entrepreneurship with a strong impact on the Endeavor Bulgaria. It was marked by innovative ideas, showing undeniable growth potential of the company BIODIT and qualities as a leader”, said the team of Endeavor during the international selection panel in Dubai, where they selected 35 entrepreneurs representing 24 companies from 16 countries.
BIODIT is an innovative company specializing in the design and manufacture of systems for identification and access control based on biometric data. The main products the company offers are access control systems for hotels, hospitals, banks, office buildings, offices, airports, enterprises and high-tech solutions for the security of the vehicles. “If a few years ago, the primary use of biometrics was in the government sector, technology is now widely used,” explains CEO Julian Sofroniev and comments that this is a market growing by 18% annually. His expectations are of an increasing demand for high-tech biometric solutions in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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