BIODIT and one of the most dynamically developing insurance companies in Bulgaria “Uniqa” AD started cooperation in the field of prevention of vehicle theft. Clients of the insurance company will be given the opportunity to install the biometric protection system CarSec in their cars.
CarSec device provides the highest level of security for the car market. Julian Sofroniev CEO BIODIT, share the advantages of using biometric identification systems: “The first and most important advantage are much higher security. Worldwide, there are over 7 billion people and none of these 7 billion people’s fingerprints is identical to someone else’s. Because it cannot be transferred, copied, lost or stolen, while requiring the physical presence of the user, this technology is the most reliable currently exists on the market.” Through certain mechanical and electronic interlocks CarSec interrupts modules in the vehicle and without putting an authorized fingerprint on the sensor, the car engine cannot be started. This provides the highest level of security known to date.