After analyzing the results of three months rigorous testing, BIODIT engaged a full scale launch of sales of the biometric system for vehicles protection – CarSec.
CarSec is a high-tech system ensuring the highest possible level of protection for the motor vehicles. It is protected by locks which prevent the start of the engine until the driver does not provide the correct fingerprint. While identifying fingerprints the system status is indicated by built-in light and sound signals facilitate the programming of different functions. The device is designed so that it can be installed in any car brand and model, while the visible part of the system, the sensor can be placed in a convenient place for the driver.
CarSec’s memory ca store one main and nine user fingerprints. The main fingerprint serves for programming all functions of the system and to turn off the interlocks. The user fingerprints serve as activation or deactivation of this regime as well as turning off the interlocks. To ensure maximum protection of the car, only the main fingerprint can change the parameters of the system, which prevents manipulation by third parties.

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