In order to provide the best protection from theft, BIODIT developed a specialized independent biometric system that substantially increases the theft-proof of the motor vehicles. The system protects the vehicles by interlocks that prevent the engine start until a correct fingerprint is not duly entered into the CarSec system. The system is provided for testing to all dealers of luxury cars in Bulgaria.
BIODIT is a growing company in the field of new technologies for authentication and access control through biometrics. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative systems representing the most modern technologies for identification and authentication through fingerprint recognition. This is the most reliable technology that currently exists on the market because it cannot be transferred, copied, lost or stolen while requiring the physical presence of the user. Through innovative solutions BIODIT offers ultimate convenience as users do not need to carry cards, keys and remember passwords or special pin codes.
The highly qualified team of BIODIT’s specialists works with architects and designers to create unique industrial projects, outputs and software solutions for the specific needs of each client. The company has chosen the best materials and technologies for the manufacture of their innovative, unique and with elegant design devices.