BIODIT installed a wireless biometric system for access control and working hours in the offices of “Brand INS.” The insurance company stated they chose the system OLock® WBLS® as the most reliable on the market because it provides quick access through correct fingerprint identification.
Through innovative solutions BIODIT provides a maximum comfort because the customers do not need to carry cards, keys and remember passwords or special codes. The company’s products are suitable for the improvement of the security and control of business, public and government buildings and institutions. The investment in BIODIT’s devices can be recovered over a period of 8 months to 2 years, depending on the replaces system of cards and card reader, which was used (magnetic stripe, chip, RFID, etc.). These systems reduce the cost of electricity up to 30% as it controls the energy consumption.
Different products for access control of BIODIT can be used for payment in bars and restaurants, checkpoints and other. The entire system is managed by a software application while the information may be exchanged at the reception, at the entrance of the building, or integrated into the whole structure of the company – anywhere in the world.