The administrative building of the port in Varna was equipped with the latest generation of wireless biometric system access control OLock® WBLS®. This is the first system of its kind that is installed in Bulgaria. The specialized technology for identification of fingerprints provides quick and easy access of users to different rooms through identification of a fingerprint, without the need for keys, magnetic cards or passwords, which can be stolen, lost, broken or forgotten. The whole system works with wireless communication and the installation is done within few minutes for each place of control.
BIODIT is the first company in the world to create biometric technology for wireless access control. Since this occurring technology signal between the devices is less than one second, there is no way in stealing user data. In this interval the entire transfer of information is taking place, which is encrypted with 256K. The breakthrough is practically impossible. „The economically developed countries widely incorporate biometrics in office buildings. There is even an European directive according to which by 2018 most of the buildings in the state administration will be obliged to install biometric technology for their access control”, commented the CEO of BIODIT – Julian Sofroniev.